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DOFF is a market leading, expertly engineered system that utilises a normal water supply to remove some of the more resistant forms of unwanted matter from a range of surfaces.

How does DOFF work?

A normal water supply is taken through the pump into the hotbox where a range of temperatures of up to 150°C can be achieved.  The low volume of super-heated water and steam (5 litres per minute) is then fed through heat resistant hoses to special nozzles where a genuine 150°C is delivered.

The surface being cleaned does not suffer any damaging pressure, thermal shock or deep saturation and dries within minutes.  A range of different lances and nozzles are available.

Where can I use DOFF?

DOFF can be used in building restoration, industry, food production, hygiene control, hospitals, factories, transport & vehicle depots, workshops etc.

What surface can I use DOFF on?

We recommend DOFF for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiled (glazed and encaustic), wood, faience and terracotta.  It is a useful sterilisation tool for kitchens, toilets, swimming pools, hospitals and factories.

What is DOFF most effective in removing?

Paint coatings (mostly oils and plastic types)

Certain types of graffiti

Bird or vermin fouling

Algae, moss and fungi

Wax coatings

Chewing gum

Bitumen, oil, grease and many others, all without causing any damage or disfiguring the substrate

Take a look at one of our recent Doff Cleaning jobs

Before Cleaning the stonework had approximately 10 coats of paint

Using DOFF cleaning to remove the paint

The original ceramic tiles after cleaning

Bringing the pub back to its former glory

A picture of the original pub taken around 1920

Our client is the new owner of a pub in Greenwich and wanted to bring it back to its former glory.

Using the DOFF system we removed approximately 10 coats of paint, not to mention the dirt and grime, dating back to the 1970s. This revealed the vibrant green glazed ceramic tiles underneath, and took the pub back to its original look as shown in a photo taken around 1920.

Before and after DOFF cleaning

Before DOFF Cleaning

After DOFF Cleaning

Before DOFF Cleaning

After DOFF Cleaning

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