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We specialise in restoring stonework and brickwork back to it’s original glory

Stone Restoration

We use the Torbo system with the benefit that it uses 50% less sand to a conventional dry blasting system. This will help keep cleaning cost to a minimum and reduce the amount of sand required to complete the work.

The mess is confined to a minimal area, as the sand is submerged in water before entering the blast hose, thereby giving you 98% dustless blasting. This is ideal when working in either large open or enclosed areas with a workforce nearby. The Torbo system eliminates the need for your workforce to wear masks around the blasting area, and also means that the whole property / street is not covered with sand.

With a dry blasting system, you would need to sheet off the work area from the rest of the work force and operatives in the area would need to be on full airline breathing equipment.

The Torbo system is fully adjustable to how much sand / water or air pressure is required for the job in hand which means it is suitable for working on a vast range of surfaces, for example:

  • Fibreglass
  • London stock or any other brick
  • Lime stone and other stone
  • Concrete
  • Metal girders
  • Tin
  • Tarmac (line removal)

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